Zabrała¶ mi lato
(wersja angielska)


muzyka: Adam Markiewicz
słowa: Wanda Chotomska
słowa ang: Wojciech Mann
wykonanie: Roman Gerczak

You are busy, OK, dear, that is not such a sorrow.
If we don't meet today, love, let us make it tomorrow.
I've been calling since August, now September is over,
autumn's cold winds are blowing, what's the matter with you, girl.

You've taken my summer, my head's like a hammer,
I don't want too much, only you, please.
In spite of my efforts I'm still like a beggar
awaiting a smile or a sweet kiss.

And who throughout this summer did drive you where you wanted?
Who fixed the tent roof leaking to see you pleased and content?
Who blew like crazy idiot his lungs into your mattress?
And who did stand your fancies as if you were some actress?

What am I to kiss? No, no, no!

You've taken my summer, my head's like a hammer,
my losses are clearly depicted.
Remember my angel, it's time for some changes,
my patience is rather restricted.

Slot the coin, slot the coin, slot the coin….

No more time for your humours, let us sing in a chorus
that you give me forever all you future tomorrows.
Rings are already ready, try your veil, don't delay it,
pay you debts that you owe me, and get ready for wedding.

You've taken my summer, you've made me a bummer.
You know what I want - it's your kisses.
Thanks to all of my efforts I'm no more a beggar.
I'm sure I will make you my Missis.

I want through all the summers to drive you where you want to,
I'll fix all tent roof leakings to see you pleased and content,
I'll blow like crazy idiot my lungs into your mattress,
I'll stand all of your fancies, you'll be my favourite actress.

Do I Love you? Yes, yes, yes!

You've taken my summer, but you'll get a dower
- my name, my apartment, my wages.
You won't find another such idiot for lover,
Well, even if you searched for ages!